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February 1, 2017

Under the Lilac Tree Kick Off for #EDAW2017

Michelle Pitman

Welcome to Day 1 of Eating Disorders Awareness Week!

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) starts NOW! Welcome. And thanks for joining me. At this time of year, there is always something I am doing to honour and raise awareness around eating disorders (EDs).  Writing tends to be a form of processing and healing for me.  And a means of support and encouragement for others (I hope). Whether it’s sharing my own struggle (like this post)… or my journey towards recovery (like in this post)… the intention is always to be real with my experience so that I might:

  • Open a door to understanding for those who misunderstand EDs
  • Or provide a glimmer of hope for healing for those who are working towards ED recovery

But my involvement in EDAW this year is much more! Without further ado, it starts with this kick off video. Watch to learn more about what I have planned: