Michelle Pitman – Program Director

Hi, I’m Michelle.

As program director for Under the Lilac Tree, my role is to ensure you receive full support in your eating disorder recovery goals. My lived experience lead me to launch this unique program so that those who are struggling can find timely, empathic, and collaborative care as they break free from the prison of disordered eating and body hatred. Along with connecting you with a team of dietitian and counsellor, I also offer peer coaching and integrate movement, yoga, and self-care practices into your recovery plan.

I believe that eating disorders do not necessarily fit into a neat, clinical diagnosis. Rather, eating disorders run across a spectrum of symptoms that can be a subjective and extremely personal challenge. You do not need to have a diagnosed illness in order to receive the support and care that you need. I, and my team, are here for you. Let’s connect ( with a complimentary 20 minute chat to discover how we can walk this road of recovery together.