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#EDAW2017: Can Reiki Help with Eating Disorders?

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Can Reiki Help with Eating Disorders? The question of whether Reiki can help with eating disorders is one I have been recently asking myself. In fact, I have been thinking about Reiki’s place in ED treatment since launching my virtual recovery support program. Reiki is not usually part of everyday conversation.  Furthermore, it’s […]

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Under the Lilac Tree Kick Off for #EDAW2017

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Welcome to Day 1 of Eating Disorders Awareness Week! Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) starts NOW! Welcome. And thanks for joining me. At this time of year, there is always something I am doing to honour and raise awareness around eating disorders (EDs).  Writing tends to be a form of processing […]

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Eating Disorder Ceasefire: How To Create a Safe Space Over the Holidays

Providing a safe space at the dining table for someone suffering from an eating disorder (ED) is not easy.  Holidays can create anxiety for many of us.  We are all susceptible to food and body shame in the subtlest of messaging.  But for those with an ED, comments about food, eating habits and bodies can […]

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Are You Waiting for Eating Disorder Treatment? Feeling Lost and Alone? This might help…

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In Canada, if you or a loved one are suffering with an eating disorder, you are probably familiar with the lack of resources and extensive wait times for treatment.  It can be frustrating and squash your hope for recovery. Managing your ED symptoms is not easy when support is not there.  It is […]

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